Day 4-Finish Those Layouts

Most of us have layouts lying around in our craft area that we created but never added pictures. Today is a day to add pictures and journaling and get those beautiful layouts into your albums. This was actually harder for me than I thought. Obviously I had layouts to use up. Three that I had created this year and a 4th of July one I created at a Home Gathering that another consultant, Shannon Smoltz, did well over a year ago. The hard part was finding the right pictures. Therefore, I understand if this takes you more than one day as I spent quite a bit of time on my computer finding the right pictures and than ordering them and picking them up.

Here are the four empty layouts I started with:

And after I added photos and journaling here are the completed layouts:

I cannot wait to see your finished layouts. Don't forget you have until the end of the month to post a link to your completed projects.


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