Day 19-Use Your Stash-Altered Canvas

You might have noticed that there is no Day 18. Day 18's project was a bust and ended up in the garbage because it was so bad I could not even pass it off as my son's craft project:) Day 19 turned out much better though!

I bought some 8x8 blank canvas frames a couple of months back to modge podge pictures from our Alaskan/Seattle vacation. I even ordered the pictures at that time, but never got them done. Today I finished them!!!!

First I painted black around the edges of the canvas so if the picture was not perfectly straight or sized right you could not tell. Then after the paint dried I applied a layer of modge podge and laid the photo on top and gently smoothed it out. Once the photo dried a couple of hours, I applied a thin layer of modge podge on top of the black and white photo to take the shine off of it and give it a more matte finish. (If you are using pictures you printed at home, test first before applying to paper.)

Here are my two canvas' ready to go on the wall.

Tomorrow we will be using those strips of paper we have saved but never used!


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