Claire Layout with Homemade Spray Mist

I love misting however, I always want to mist with a  color I don't have or I want it to match the ink I am using on the layout. Close to My Heart has a perfect solution:

All you need to add is water!

 There is no exact recipe as it depends how dark you want your spray. I typically use 8-10 drops of re-inker, a small dab of pearl paint and then carefully fill the spray pen with water. Shake well and then spray on your cardstock, patterned paper or embellishments.

For the best spray result I hold the pen at a 45 degree angle and 6" away from my paper. Be sure to play with scrap paper first until you get a feel of how to spray so it does not glob or pool.

Here is the cardstock I misted before I created anything.

Here is the final project.


Besides the spray mist, I also used the Claire paper pack, Outdoor Denim Cardstock both from Close to My Heart and some miscellaneous silver flourishes.


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