24 Days of Christmas Countdown Box

Christmas is my favorite holiday. There is so much to love about the season besides the gifts! Celebrating Jesus' birth, spending time with family and friends and creating lifetime memories for my son. We have a 24 days of Christmas Santa that was given to me as a gift and each year instead of putting candy in the boxes I put a family activity, so every night we do something together as a family. Sometimes it is as simple as a game or story, but also includes church, baking, ice skating, sledding and of course decorating the tree.

Christmas should be a time to slow down and enjoy time with friends and families. So, in order to help everyone do that I am hosting a 24 Days of Christmas Countdown Box on Tuesday November 8th from 6:30-8:30. For $18 I will provide all supplies, a list of ideas, and snacks.

You must RSVP by Monday October 31st so I have enough time to order supplies.


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