Jelly Bean Topiary's

Now I don't normally decorate for Holiday's other than Halloween and Christmas. However, my friend Heather shared a blog (My Garden of Eden) that had these adorable Jelly Bean Topiary's that I knew I had to make. I also had all the supplies on hand, except the jelly beans, which helped make the decision easier.

Before, I show you the topiary's though, I should warn you I learned a few things that they did not point out.

First, when working with hot glue, it is best not to do it in front of you child(ren) if you are going to let slip bad words when you burn your finger. Needless to say, Simon learned one or two words when I was working on them and I decided to put them away until after bedtime!

Second, you really do need lot's of jelly beans. I had to make 3 store runs. You, your children, spouse and animals will eat more than you think. Also, the bag's do not have an equal number of each color. I of course took out all the black, but there were more reds and green's than I needed and not a whole lot of pinks and purple. I also would have purchased more of the pastel/crackle jelly beans or even done them in all crackle/pastel jelly beans.

Third, I did not paint my balls pink, as two of them were already green and I made sure that on the white ball I put the beans closer together.

Finally, make sure to put your jelly beans close together. I got side-tracked watching NCIS while I was working on the large one and they ended up being spaced to far apart for my taste, however, not far enough a part to add beans in between.

Here are my finish topiary's:

I used pots  instead of buckets and white washed them like the Crafty Sisters did. However, I didn't have moss so I put tissue paper in the pot's. Any container you have on hand will work. I also curled some scrapbook paper to make grass for around the pots.

I hope everyone has fun crafting for spring or Easter.


  1. Awesome! I think I'll try to make a couple of those!

  2. Hilarious advice when working with hot glue and children are present. LOL =)

  3. I love this! I'm thinking candycorn for fall...

  4. I agree Alisha. I saw a blog that has a candy corn wreath to hang on the door. I want to do that too.


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