Baby Boom!

Lately there has been a baby boom with people I know. I have been productive though and gotten 3 baby quilts made in the past six weeks!

The first is a small rag quilt for a cute little February baby girl, that thanks to my friend Kristen, I have fallen in love with making them.

The next quilt I finished was another rag quilt for my soon to be nephew:

Finally, I used fabric from my stash to make a Brick Road quilt from an old Fons & Porter magazine I have for a beautiful new baby girl:

I will say I am baby quilted out now and so hope to get working on some other quilt projects!


  1. Yay for baby quilts!! So happy to be the proud owner of one. :-)

  2. I love them all, they are great!

  3. These are super cute, Stephanie! I'm totally impressed. I tried making a "quilt" but it was mainly just a blanket and all of my squares were crooked. :)


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