Crafter's ADD

Reflecting on 2010 and all the great project ideas I had in my head and looking around my craft room seeing some of them partially finished, piles of fabric with patterns attached, stacks of scrapbook magazines with pictures being used as bookmarks, and only about six projects fully completed, I finally realized what my problem is. It is not that I don't have the time, the patience or the energy. It is that I have Crafter's ADD. For those who are not aware, Crafter's ADD is: Starting one project, get up to do something, see another project, do a little of that project, maybe go back to the first project, but realistically start a third project and so on. No wonder I cannot get anything completed! I am sure I am not the only one who suffers from this disease, but am one of many who suffer and are not sure what treatment to seek.
Upon realizing this flaw in my creative ability, I thought if I admitted I had a problem it would magically fix itself and I would be able to focus on one project until complete and then start another one, etc. However, it hasn't worked that way yet and we are 6 weeks into the new year and I have more projects than ever in my head, quite a few layout's started but not finished and even more quilt projects piled up and ready to go.
I decided part of my problem is that I get bored working on one project. I enjoy being able to sit down and quilt a few blocks while Simon is playing Lego's and then stopping to play and then going to gather paper for a new layout and then run upstairs to throw dinner in the oven and run back down to light saber and finally on the way up to finish dinner, grab some scrap paper to put a quick card together for a friend's birthday. By the time Simon is sleeping and I have time to head back downstairs, I need an activity that doesn't require much thought so I am likely to grab pictures and magazines and watch my favorite shows and find more sketches that hopefully someday I get around to scrapping.
To give myself credit, I have almost finished a quilt for a best friend, finally finished a three-block table runner that I started in October and am only about 5 layout's away from being done scrapbooking our Alaska Cruise we took in May of 2009.  
This may or may not be the year I find a cure for my Crafter's ADD. Follow along with me on my blog to see if I can get it under control.


  1. hahaha - I too have CADD. My method of the moment to tame my madness is to not allow myself to buy anything for an entirely new project!


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