Close to My Heart Picture My Life-Avonlea

I am a traditional scrapbooker and have been reluctant to try anything else. However, Close to My Heart has encouraged me to branch out. I have tried their digital scrapbooking program, Studio J, and now their Picture My Life program. I finally sat down and created some layouts using the Avonlea Picture My Life

I LOVED the Picture My Life idea. I was able to quickly add pages into my traditional scrapbook album. I am a few years behind and also found some old pictures to go in a prior year but in all honesty was burned on on scrapping 2010!!! Picture My Life was my answer. 

The Picture My Life bundles come with 10 memory protectors, 44-4"x 6" cards and 78-3" x 4" cards. The cards have designs, titles, quotes and plenty of room to journal about the pictures you are preserving. I also had plenty of cards left over to create traditional layouts and cards. (another blog post). 

Here are the layouts I created:


If you have any questions please contact me directly, otherwise check out the 8 Picture My Life sets available now.


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