Scrapping in a Time Crunch

We are all busy people. We go numerous different directions at the same time and rarely make time for yourself. However, if you don't preserve your families memories how will anyone see them for generations to come?

I can answer that one easily: get organized, create kits, and put yourself first!

Now that you have purged your craft space and prepared page kits you are ready to print pictures and scrap! Depending on your set up you will either print pictures as you scrap or do this as a two step process and print pictures and then scrap.

So now you have your pictures in hand and you grab a kit that has paper you like, you follow your sketch/pattern/idea with the kit and create your layout! How long this takes depends on your scrapping style and how many embellishments you add. This should not take more than an hour for most people.

For me, deciding on the paper is the longest part and so having kits put together cuts my scrapping time by more than half. Now being organized when I have only an hour to scrap I can get two or maybe even three layouts done as I am prepared!

Now enough chatting and reading, get scrapping.


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