Putting Together Page Kits

Putting together page kits is one of my most favorite parts of getting organized. I only have my most favorite paper and embellishments and I get to touch and feel everything!

To get started though you need to have at least a rough idea of what type of scrapbook layouts you want to put together. To do this, grab your sketch notebook, computer, Idea Books or my favorite one of Close to My Heart's "How to Books" (only $14.95) or Make it From the Heart Vol. I or soon to be coming Vol. II (Only $7.95)!!!!

Spend some time looking through these. This is easy to do at the beach, while your kids are playing at the park, soccer practice or in the evening in front of the camp fire or television.

Now you are ready to put paper kits together. I do NO cutting during this, just pulling paper. I look at a sketch and see how many pieces of cardstock and patterned paper I need and put them together with matching embellishments. If I am going to use my Cricut or other die cutting machine to make embellishments I will put in extra paper for those cuts. If I have pictures to use with that paper and sketch throw them in now too. (Don't forget to add paper in for photo mats if you use them)

Now you will have a pile (hopefully large) of page kits. I store mine in Close to My Hearts' Resealable Bag 13" X 13 1/4". You get 12 bags for only $6.95. I will also use empty paper pack bags too.

I sort all my paper like this except my never opened Close to My Heart paper packs. Those I keep together, put the matching embellishments in it and any pictures I have printed that I may want to use with those papers. If I have pulled paper out and used part of the paper pack, I create page kits with what is left.

Now that you have page kits ready you have saved yourself hours of time when you actually have time to sit down and scrap!

Tomorrow I will walk you through how I create time and put my layouts together.


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