Krista Apron

I love to quilt and play with paper and fabric. However, sewing is stressful for me if I have to do anything other than a straight line in a quilt block! I have a great friend though who has a birthday coming up and she is a cake decorator and I believe all good cake decorators need an apron. So on to Pintrest I went to find the perfect apron pattern. I immediately fell in love with the Krista Apron and set out to recreate it.

My first stop was to The Top Stitch quilt store in Spokane, Washington. I found the perfect dot and solid fabric. I did learn I need to make more aprons so they go quicker and I get better on my ruffles. I also need to find a new model because I am to short and squaty!

But today I will have to do, so here is my finished apron:


  1. That is so cute! I bet I could tackle something like that! Did you add it to your pinterest page? What a great gift idea! I, too, struggle with anything other than straight (and I use that term loosely) lines! Thanks for sharing!


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