4th of July Pinwheels

It certainly does not feel like summer yet or even that June is approaching, but if I wait for summer it will be to late to decorate for it! Also, my poor little table under the TV was looking naked since the Jelly Bean Toparies have been put away.

I used the Fanfare collection from Close to My Heart to make these patriotic pinwheels and flowers. The pinwheels are made from 6" square paper and you make an "X" on them from corner to corner. You then cut along the "X" until you get approximately 1/2" away from the center. Once that is done you punch a small hole in every other corner of the square and then you fold those into the center to create a pinwheel. I used corresponding brads, but you could also use buttons and glue dots.

I added 3 circle flowers also to give it a little more dimension.

If you live in the Spokane area, I will be teaching this class on Thursday June 16th from 6-8pm. E-mail me to register.


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