Peep's v. Bunny Chocolate House

After Christmas we picked up a chocolate Christmas house and I thought it would be perfect for Easter, with only having to add some Easter candy! After I assembled the chocolate house we sat down last night to decorate it with jelly beans, peeps and chocolate Easter bunnies.

Simon loved decorating it with jelly beans and putting snow "white chocolate" on it. Never did I think with Easter at the end of April would we still have snow, but since it has snowed off and on all week, I guess his adding snow was appropriate.

Before we started decorating I attached the peeps with white chocolate to my tray and set the house over it so they could be seen looking out. We also set one up at each end of the house.

I then cut jelly beans in half for Simon to attach to the roof and make flowers out of on the walls of the house. After he was done with that Seth and I decided to take some bites of the chocolate bunnies and make it look like they had tried to attack the peeps and the peeps won! Simon of course immediately thought of Angry Birds and thought it was cool!

Here are the finished pictures and I think we will make this an annual Easter tradition.


  1. That is so cool, and what a great new tradition.


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